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The workshop will be held in Amsterdam at the Anton Pannekoek Astronomical Institute of the University of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is served by Schiphol Airport, located about 10 km from the the city and easily accessed by train.

To learn more about the city or university, please see the links below.

The Anton Pannekoek Institute

Our visitor address is:
Science Park 904
1098 XH Amsterdam

You can recognise the faculty building by the two domes on top; the institute is located right under the domes. The building is also (currently) the largest building in the Science Park. Walk under the building between the pillars into the central area to find the main entrance. From there, follow the signs to the meeting room. Note that on the first day we will be in room C1.112: if you get lost, you can always ask for directions at reception.


Public transport in Amsterdam is generally very good: trams, metro, buses and train will get you to most places. All public transport except trains is paid for using the "OV" smartcard system: you can either buy a single-use card on the vehicle (€2.60 entitles you to an hour of travel, including as many changes as you like) or get a rechargeable card from a vending machine or kiosk at the station (you need the "GVB" machines, not the yellow "NS" ones). When travelling by OV card, always remember to swipe your card when entering and exiting the vehicle!

For travel by train, you should buy a paper ticket. These are available from the yellow "NS" vending machines (widespread at the airport and railway stations), or from the sales staff at major stations. You must buy your ticket before boarding the train.

Maps and timetables of the Amsterdam area public transport system are available from GVB, the operator. 9292ov and Google Maps both provide convenient journey planners which are aware of public transport: just tell them where you are and where you want to go, and they will suggest the best options.

Getting to the Institute

From the Hotel Eden

There are various ways to reach the Institute by public transport from the workshop hotel. The total journey time is about half an hour (or an hour, if you prefer to walk). Excellent directions are available from Google Maps.

From Amsterdam Centraal station

If you are coming from Amsterdam Centraal station, the best option is to take the train to Amsterdam Science Park station, and follow the directions as above. Trains to the Science Park leave at 18 and 48 minutes past the hour.

When exiting the Science Park station, turn left into the tunnel. Once through the tunnel, you'll find yourself in the Science Park, and probably can spot the API domes towards the right of your front. The science faculty building is the largest building in the Science Park.

From Schiphol Airport

At Schiphol, buy a ticket for Amsterdam Science Park station. Take the train to Amsterdam Centraal station, and follow directions as above.

Other options

If Amsterdam Amstel station is more convenient for you to reach (there are direct trains from Utrecht to Amsterdam Amstel, and the metro stops there as well), take bus 40 from Amsterdam Amstel station (every fifteen minutes) and get out at bus stop Science Park (some ten minutes from the station). The bus may go around the building first before stopping here, but there are bus stops at either side of the building.

Other options consist of taking bus 40 from Muiderpoort station to Amsterdam Amstel in the opposite direction, or taking tram line 9 and exiting at stop "Kruislaan". From there you can walk or catch bus 40 again.